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Our French Programs
French Tutoring

Our private french tutoring lessons can aim at a specific domain in which the child needs assistance with whether it be help in a certain class that is provided in french at school or exploring their passion in their second language. We will use level (and interest) appropriate books and media to ensure your child or teenager can expand their learning and practice of French as a second language. 

See our schedule here!

In-class Lessons

Our in-class lessons are easy to carry out and allow children to join in at any time throughout the year. By using RAZ books, we aim at keeping their level high while acquiring more vocabulary and talking together. The RAZ books are appropriate for children of all ages while the teacher asks comprehension questions after the reading and then goes on with the activity sheets. 

We also aim at building progressive classes for a semester or a year upon an activity book that will provide classes of Level A1 with a choice of books and material. We will pair small groups together to encourage their practice and fluency. With fun activities and solid lesson plans, the parent will know after every lesson what their children has learned and how to help them review the content.

We have classes for 3-5 yrs old with videos, books, activity sheets and tests that we will do in group to assess the vocabulary of the day.

We have various classes for the 6 to 10 years old with a choice of book adapted to their level. From Level A1 to A2 we promise to bring your child's french level from this one to the next.

We have classes for the 11 to 16 years old. It will take you from level A1 to B1 over the course of 8 modules with an active, task-based approach. More information about the Book.

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