The Classes (in brief): 

-Puppeteer Activity 

-An Hour of Code Games 

-Zombie run - Hide and Seek 
-Maze to the Greatest Value
-Square Sweeper
-Number Line Target
-Fencing In 

-Forces of Attraction Serie: -Intro to Magnetism -Gathering Data with Dash 

-Balancing Act Serie: -Forces and Creating Experiments -Conducting Experiments 

-Very Variable Game Day Serie: -Hot Potatoe -Twister -Shut the Box -Woozy Words 

-A Slice of Number Line Pie 

-A Series of Unfortunate Events 

-Step by Step 
-Does Order Matter -Make and Follow and Algorithm -Obstacle course 

-Robot Movie Star 

-Dance the Loopedy-Loop 

-All Rover the Universe - Research and Model Building 

-Wave Hello, Wave Goodbye -Waves in Water, Solids, Gases, 

-Zooming with Dash 

-Robot Petting Zoo 

-Place Value Game 

-Dash Long Jump: Who Went the Farthest? 

-Introduction to Variables in Programming 


Our Dash and Dot Robotic Classes will introduce your children to coding with Scratch and play and control a Robot while allowing them to experience with mechanical engineering as they add on Lego structures to the robotics motor controls of Dash and Dot. 



Tel: 236-865-6588     Email: info@drpanda-academy.com

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